[Professional Update] Tianfu Group Organizes and Implements" Financial Knowledge Certification Training".

Date:Jul 07,2017

Under the "three-in-one" background, the business departments under Tianfu Group are rapidly developing, setting higher requirements on the financial professional quality of the employees. To help employees grasp basic banking knowledge, know clearly about the main process and key points of bank credit business and better implement the "three-in-one" strategy, Tianfu Group' head office has invited its strategic partner Walt International Financial Training Center to conduct the "Financial Knowledge Certification Training".

The training content covers basic knowledge of commercial banks, introduction to financial leasing, knowledge and practice of bank credit, etc. The teachers of this training are mainly the relevant experts from Tianfu Bank, involving such as business department, retail business department and risk management department. The training is planned to be conducted in five sessions, and by now, three sessions have been completed, with over 300 trainees who are business backbone personnel from various sectors of the group.

For the newest training course, please refer to Tianfu WeChat subscription account "Tianfu E-family", and click the user-defined menu "Culture Training" below WeChat! 


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