[Wind Vane] Guiding a new trend of medical consumption—Tianfu Group enables differential competition among entrusted institutions by "prevailing by services"

Date:Jan 01,2017

The government encourages investments from society to the course of medical and healthcare service, which has led to a diversified pattern of China's medical service market, Based on this, private hospitals have sprung up as mushrooms after rain. However, private hospitals are unable to compete with public hospitals in terms of either medical technology or medical resource, which imposes them to find a new pathprevailing by services so as to survive in the fierce market competition.

It is just like the case in Chengdu medical and healthcare service market where hospitals, such as Angle and Maria, are positioned at high-end, personalized medicine and full-process healthcare management services. These hospitals also have brisk businesses, even appearing queues awaiting diagnosis as in many public hospitals.

Especially in our country, bases on the condition where the coverage of health insurance is increasing and the maximum reimbursement limit are uplifting year by year, the sensitivity of residents to the cost of medical and health services will be further diluted.. The change of residents consumption outlook to medical service will turn the competition among medical and healthcare service institutions from prices to requirements for quality and environment of medical service. The new consumption outlook to medical service, as the wind vane of market, requires that hospital managers should timely adjust their operation concept. 

Chengdu Angle Children's Hospital's Service Center

On July 12, Tianfu Group assigned a management team to settle in Chengdu Angel Children's Hospital, providing an all-round custody service to the hospital. Chengdu Angel Children's Hospital is a comprehensive childrens hospital, positioned at high-end children medical service  dedicated to children and adolescent health, integrating medical treatment, special education, rehabilitation and healthcare. It is in the preparatory stage before opening.

Tianfu Group is entrusted with its all-round management by the hospital board of directors, with a hope that Tainfu Group will inject advanced hospital management philosophy, service concept and operation mode into Angle Children's Hospital to help it transform operation mechanism, and implant an operation concept of "focusing on both technology and service". Under a diversified medical service system, patients have the full right to select hospitals and doctors.

Under equivalent medical technological and environmental conditions, "service" is the effective means for realizing a differential competition among hospitals. With the overall improvement of China's medical technology, it has become more difficult to make a gap in hospital competition simply by technology. Only by providing differential and personalized services can hospitals realize brand positioning, achieve good reputation and create breakthrough point and strength in core competitiveness.

A children's ward room

According to the market positioning and goal of development of Chengdu Children's Hospital, Tianfu Group's management team will unite all medical personnel of the hospital and concentrate efforts to accomplish the preparation for opening and rapidly improve integral service capacity and medical technology.

We have the reason to believe that, Chengdu Children's Hospital is unable to contend with outstanding children hospitals in terms of talents, technology, and size in its early period, but by creating service value at higher level and higher standard, and adopting a development strategy of seeking for "differentiation" and "personalization", it will be able to create a "blue sea" in children medical service market by service innovation. 


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