Social Responsibility


Keeping Benevolent & Moistening Things Silently


The morality of tolerance, fraternity and goodness. The concept of "Kindness" is also embodied in the characteristics of water, just as the saying goes, "The persons or things that have the highest excellence are just like water. They benefit all things instead of contention. They stay at the lowest place which all men dislike. So this kind of persons and things are very close to 'Tao'.” This is a profound expression of the high sense of social responsibility that Tianfu Group possesses as a public company.


Water has the features of nurturing and nourishing, tolerant and liveliness, wisdom and benevolence, reflecting an approach of service and a way of accommodation. To specialize and characterize the service, make a business fine and thorough, innovate personalized products, appropriately solve customer needs and help solve the emergencies is exactly the role of Nurtures.

To be an enterprise, we cannot be rich and cruel, especially as a financial enterprise, we should fulfill our social responsibility.

To this end, Tianfu Group has established a social responsibility management system to strengthen the return to the state, shareholders, SMEs, society and employees.

Bearing in mind the core value of "Keeping benevolent & Moistening things silently", Tianfu Group effectively solves the problems existing in SMEs such as "lack of core technology, lack of talent team, and lack of funds", and "disordered financial management, disordered operation and disordered personnel management" through the business model of "professionalism + management + finance". It helps SMEs overcome the difficulties and pain points they must face in their operation and enhance their business value, thus further boosting the sustainable development of small and medium-sized private enterprises, and ultimately realizing economic and social benefits.

We Insist On

Taking the path of professional and characteristic development, and constantly improving our comprehensive service ability;

Using standardized and scientific corporate governance mechanism;

Supporting SMEs and actively exporting professional experience and management wisdom to the industry;

Extensively opening up for cooperation, adhering to partnership, and jointly building a win-win situation for all;

Being grateful, giving back to society positively and living in harmony with society.

Responsibility Embodiment


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