Financial Institution Sector


Guided by the Five-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and targeting at China's booming SMEs, especially small and medium-sized financial institutions, as the client group, the financial sector of Tianfu Group accelerates its integration by leveraging the existing resources of its shareholders and cooperative banks and social resources, so as to provide target clients with management services such as HR training and consulting and IT technical information output.

Tianfu Group Financial Institutional Division provides clients with HR management training capacity improvement, IT system information technology services, and other all-round and comprehensive financial service solutions through its efficient, cooperative, flexible, high-quality and professional service team, perfect product portfolio, concise and efficient business process.

Main business content

HR training and consulting

training of financial professionals, construction of professional banking system, etc.

IT technology information management output

financial system solutions, information management and construction, etc.

Other financial institution services

comprehensive financial services solutions and other related services.

Demand services of other SMEs

financial side resource matchmaking, enterprise capital operation, etc.


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