Modern Service Sector

Modern Service

Provider of full value chain assets management and strategy consultation service

Main Business Scope

The Modern Service Industry Division is one of the core sectors of Tianfu Group, and it adheres to the corporate core value of “Heart with kindness nurtures like Water” and the operation philosophy of "Take you as host and send service to door" and persists in the market position of "Serving SMEs".

The division takes management as core, technology as bond and finance as support, which is good at modern service sector such as hotel, tourism, apartment, office building, commercial property, logistics, culture and education, providing professional services in industrial planning, strategy formulation, assets management, operation management, consultancy, etc., and endeavoring to become a unique provider of "finance + management + technology" full value chain assets management and consultation service provider in modern service industry.

Service Objects

Project investors and managers

Relying on over 20 years of industrial experience, provide enterprise investors and managers with project feasibility evaluation, planning design consultation, special technical service, operation management, improvement of operation performance, enterprise diagnosis, audit assessment, special field consultation and training (including but not limited to strategy, manpower, marketing, financial affairs, operation, supply chain) and help improve enterprise operation management level and risk resistance capacity.

Financial and similar financial institutions

Display the professional advantages in industrial experience, operation capability and assets management in modern service sector to provide financial institutions with professional consultation services such as project feasibility evaluation, project risk evaluation and project value assessment, assist enterprises in developing financial products, provide special consultation and diagnosis services for effective control and reduction of project risks, and help financial institutions dig, cultivate and develop quality clients.

Service Contents

Services of assets management and operation management

Enterprise strategy consultation and investment feasibility evaluation

Enterprise operation management consultation

Project custody management

Project assets management

Financial consultation services

Development of financial products: in light of capital market situation, industrial characteristics, and enterprise operation conditions, provide financial institutions with industrial study reports and assist them in developing new financial products

Hotel project financing & loaning

Hotel decoration and updating transformation financing & loaning

Hotel operative property loaning

Logistics equipment project loaning

Comprehensive credit line for brand household appliance sales network

Operative property loaning (non-hotel)

Information technology service

Provide information technology support in industrial data and management service mainly for institutions, investors, and managers.

Technological supervision service

Information system planning and consultation service

Payment service


Main Business Platforms

Tianfu Minyoun Hospitality

As an equity participating company of Tianfu Management Group, Tianfu Minyoun Hospitality has over 20 years of experience in the hotel and travel-business integrated services, and ranked among "China Top 60 Hotel Groups" for consecutive years.

Tianfu Minyoun Hospitality possesses 6 hotel brands and 3 catering brands, covering economic, middle, high and luxury levels and theme boutique, service apartment, limited service hotel and full-service hotel.


Four Technological Products

Hotel distribution channel integrated management system

Concentrate all hotel reservation channels in one platform, help hotels realize all channels' one-key room and price adjustment, thus increasing work efficiency and quality and reducing manpower cost.

Hotel WeChat direct selling platform

Construct a hotel WeChat direct selling platform, and realize independent alliance of the hotels.

Intelligent hotel construction service

Provide complete solutions for intelligent hotel construction, including self-help room selection, WeChat self-help door opening, intelligent control of guest room equipment, self-help check-out, installation of hotel intelligent energy-efficient equipment, network and TV intelligent scheme, etc.

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