Chengdu Dongda Minyoun Royal Hotel

Date:Nov 19,2020


Chengdu Dongda Minyoun Royal Hotel is in Chengdu, a biggest and most developed city in West China, which is located in well-known Chunxi Road business cycle and Yanshikou core commercial area, and is the highest landmark hotel in the city. With excellent geographic position and convenient transportation, it has become the first choice of Chinese and world business elites.

The hotel is sited in a comprehensive skyscraper integrating leisure business and offices, and makes full use of Sichuan design elements to perfectly exhibit the way of balance and the carefree leisureliness of Chinese culture.

Urban center: the only five-star luxury hotel on the urban gold axis, enjoying convenient transportation extending in all directions

City top: highest and best guestroom scenes and highest top wine bar, enjoying a panoramic view of urban landscape 

Luxury enjoyment: luxury choice on the landmark 

Extraordinary value: feeling five-star luxury quality at the best price 

Respectful experience: superior customer service


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