Enterprise Services


Enterprise Custody Management

With its rich theoretical knowledge of strategic management and consulting experience, Tianfu Group can provide SMEs with such integrated services as strategy formulation, improvement and implementation, human resource integration and operation management in related fields through enterprise custody management. 

Also, the Group can help customer enterprises to devote all their efforts to their core business, quickly enter into market competition, and effectively raise their operating efficiency.

Enterprise Management Consulting

Tianfu Group bases itself on the needs of enterprises to analyze the current situation of enterprises objectively and systematically through investigation, thereby revealing the problems and their root causes and putting forward some suggestions on solutions accordingly. 

A Systematic consulting
B In-depth consulting

Evaluation of equity structure consulting, corporation governance consulting, operation management, HR management, product technology, business mode, management mode, profiting mode, marketing system, financial management, risk control, brand building, and information construction

Technology Service

Tianfu Group provides SMEs with IT service solutions and technological support covering the whole life cycle. By providing the information system services featuring high efficiency, performance, stability and security, Tianfu Group helps customer enterprises achieve enterprise informatization management and upgrading, such as strategy promotion, intelligent design, cloud technology transformation, big data operation, and system construction.

Enterprise informatization planning and consulting

Traditional IT technology services

Information system construction and implementation

Intelligent and smart business

LoT, Logistics, E-commerce

Enterprise informatization strategy design and transformation, informatization planning, system function design, micro-service transformation, data resources/master data planning, etc;

Computer room construction, IT maintenance, network management, database construction and maintenance, security protection, etc;

Website construction, OA, mobile application, digital operation analysis, data transformation scenario solution, planting (breeding) industry management system, manufacturing management system, business management system (MIS+POS), whole industry chain traceability system, financial accounting system, E-HR system, WMS system, warehousing management system, environmental control platform, data collection system, etc;

Science and technology of emerging areas, big data application, cloud application, IDC business, smart city implementation, etc; 

Finger vein, security monitoring, authentication platform, e-commerce platform whole-process services, etc;

Financial Service

By leveraging existing resources of its shareholders and cooperative banks and social resources, Tianfu Group provides clients with finance-related services such as equity investment, debt financing, listing assistance, financial consulting and integrated financial services solutions by virtue of its efficient, collaborative, flexible, high-quality and professional service team, perfect product portfolio, concise and efficient business process.

Financing instrument support, E-banking product such as mobile  banking, financial product development, pre-listing tutoring, assets securitization

Compliance audit, due diligence, investment feasibility analysis, enterprise capital operation, post-investment supervision

Cost management, funds management, asset management, financial risk control, tax planning, credit evaluation

Human Resource

Having pooled a high-end leadership development think tank and a top-grade practical expert team, Tianfu Group enjoys first-class intellectual support at home and abroad. It addresses the human resources development pain points and related business chains of SMEs through an excellent operation guarantee mechanism. By offering management consulting, customized solutions and information system products covering all modules of human resources, the Group endeavors to provide customers with one-stop, menu-based and configurable human resources services and to maximize the value of the enterprise ecosystem.

Walt University affiliated to Tianfu Group is dedicated to improving senior executive leadership and establishing leadership pipeline in the financial system. It provides top-notch intellectual services for China's financial industry through programs such as top banker courses, trans-boundary innovation leadership programs, global business study, overseas EMBA/MBA seminars, and senior executive forums.


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