Agricultural Sector


Tianfu Group Agriculture Division focuses on fostering core industrial chain enterprises with the concept of building a platform to achieve win-win results Based on the core of exporting wisdom, knowledge, experience, technology and talents, the Division provides customers with such services and related products as technology supervision services, financial supervision services, consulting services, and expansion services, and carries out management and service work related to the agricultural industry chain centering on the main line of exporting technology supervision and consulting services through the entrusted management-based light assets operation service model.

Tianfu Group Agriculture Division has set up a platform company—Jinyingu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., which acts as the main carrier for the Division's consultation and integrated service output. Based on Sichuan praised as the "Land of Abundance", the Agriculture Division provides consultation, product and supervision services to countrywide and worldwide valid clients by resource integration, channel dredging and platform construction, and the total asset of agricultural enterprises under service has reached RMB 5 billion. It aims to become a well-known brand of custody services in agricultural sector within three years in the west part of China, serving 100 agricultural enterprises that have a total asset of about RMB 50 billion; and a well-known national brand within five years, serving 500 agricultural enterprises that have a total asset of more than RMB 50 billion.

Products and services

Supervision services

It integrates all links of the commodity trading industry chain with warehousing supervision as the starting point, and establishes an an-round and professional information platform that integrates capital flow, information flow and logistics and provides supervision, financing, transaction media, management consulting, industry information and other comprehensive information.

Custody services of agricultural industry chain

it selects high-quality customers of manufacturing enterprises that have cooperated with or intend to cooperate with the Tianfu Bank Agriculture Division to provide agricultural industrial chain custody business depending on industry and in combination with the actual situation of enterprise production and operation. It is involved in all aspects of the enterprise's whole industry chain (including upstream procurement, production, and downstream sales) through the output of custody services for key sectors in terms of major issue management decision-making consulting, risk control, financial taxation, and goods supervision to enterprises as a whole.


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