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As the professional division of Tianfu Group providing services in the field of medical and healthcare, Tianfu Group Healthcare and Medical Division takes "building a characteristic healthcare service system" as the strategic direction to bring together medical and pharmaceutical experts with rich experience and high-end professional level at home and abroad.

With Shanghai Tianfu Health Management Co., Ltd. as the core output, the Healthcare and Medical Division, under the guidance of the development idea of “technology + management guidance with financial support", provides comprehensive services in management, technology, science and technology, finance and human resources for medical institutions and pharmaceutical production and circulation enterprises in health care industry. With the help of the strength of experts from Europe and the United States, Beijing and West China Hospital and pharmaceutical experts, the Division is committed to helping customers better adapt and develop in this era with accelerating changes in medical and health needs.

Tianfu Group Healthcare and Medical Division will further extend the scope of service in the great health industry, actively develop and seek cooperation in more fields such as disease and health management, medical services, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, medical care, etc.

The Division boasts a wide range of high-quality medical industry resources to provide customers with all-round services and support. At present, it has 144 medical industry partners, including 31 public hospitals, 67 private hospitals, 29 pharmaceutical enterprises, 14 medical device enterprises and 3 other types of medical and health industry enterprises.

Tianfu Group Healthcare and Medical Division looks forward to working with you to develop and share health.

Medical institutions

Overall operation framework: institutional solutions that pay attention to the combination of technical management and business model.

Technical service

According to the needs and operation of customers, Tianfu experts provide professional hospital management consulting, formulate corresponding management plans, and build a modern hospital management structure.

Development plan
Construction design
Department setting
Personnel plan
Business plan
Financial plan
Market plan
Business model service

the Division helps partners to plan and implement the business models for medical brand and hospital operation, and provides all-round support services, including comprehensive custody management, planning  of newly built medical institutions, promotion planning of existing institutions, etc.

Special management

Pharmaceutical trade


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Medical Institutions

Pharmaceutical Trade

Medical Management Application


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