Jinxin Medical Group

Date:Nov 18,2020


Chengdu Jinxin Medical Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. is a medical investment management institution long engaged in clinical medical treatment, health care, prevention, scientific research, teaching and training, community service, pension for the aged and assistance to the disabled and health education. It owns many hospitals including Chengdu Xinan Gynecological Hospital, Sichuan Jinxin Women's and Children's Hospital, Chengdu Jinjiang District Maternal and Childcare Hospital, Chengdu Jinxin Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital, and Chengdu Jinxin Psychiatric Hospital.

Jinxin Medical was approved to carry out assisted reproductive technology services in 2012, providing patients with high-quality and highly personalized treatment programs, including AID (artificial insemination for donor), AIH (artificial insemination by husband), IVF-ET (in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), as well as traditional Chinese medicine treatment, gynecological surgery, male surgery, psychological, sports and nutritional guidance.

Jinxin Medical continues to promote technology and construct the reproductive health service system. It endeavors to boost the standardized diagnosis and treatment of infertility in Sichuan Province and even the whole country, as well as the clinical application level of assisted reproductive technology. It has a certain influence in the southwest region and even worldwide.


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