Introduction to Ensure Pharm

Date:Nov 18,2020


Founded in March 1999, Ensure Pharm now has more than 1,200 stores and more than 4,500 employees, covering 77 districts and counties in Guizhou, with a revenue scale of nearly RMB 3 billion. It operates more than 20,000 varieties and has nearly 5 million registered members, making it currently the largest retailer of drugs, health food, daily necessities, mother and child products in Guizhou, and its comprehensive strength ranks in the forefront of the domestic pharmaceutical retail industry.

With the strong support of Tianfu Group and Tianfu Bank, Ensure Pharm has developed rapidly and increasingly enhanced its variety popularity. It won the 16th place in the 2018-2019 ranking of Comprehensive Competitiveness of Chinese Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprises, the 15th place among top 100 chain-drug stores in China based on comprehensive strength in 2018-2019 and the 16th place among top 100 drug stores in China based on direct sales strength.

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