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Date:Jun 05,2020

On June 1st, 2020, Sichuan Tianfu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., an all-round strategic partner of Tianfu Group, held the launching ceremony of “Tianfu Financial Leasing Digitalization 1.0” at West International Financial Center. Dr. Mi Zhenshu, Chairman of Tianfu Technological Information, a subsidiary of Tianfu Group, attended this ceremony as a special partner guest.



Launching Ceremony

This launching ceremony was witnessed by 23 attendees, including Wang Shaowen, Chairman of Tianfu Financial Leasing, Xing Chengli, Chief Information Officer of Tianfu Bank, Huang Renjingjin, Director of Tianfu Group, Mi Zhenshu, Chairman of Tianfu Technological Information, Cao Duo, Acting President of Tianfu Financial Leasing, Gao Lunyong, General Manager of Scientific and Technological R&D Division of Tianfu Bank, and Gao Dong, President’s Assistant of Tianfu Financial Leasing.


Attendees were learning and discussing.

Facing the epidemic, it has become essentially necessary for SMEs to lay a solid foundation for digitalization during the pursuit of transition and transformation, and on that basis, to turn crisis into opportunities rapidly through digital means. In light of the current business landscape, digital transformation has become an important pillar supporting enterprises to achieve business growth and improve operation efficiency. Cooperating with Tianfu Group and Tianfu Technological Information, Tianfu Financial Leasing will make use of the “tail wind” brought by technologies, further assist SMEs and build special capabilities together through special means.

Mi Zhenshu, Chairman of Tianfu Technological Information, said at the ceremony: Tianfu Technological Information regard Tianfu Financial Leasing as an important partner, and both sides need to learn more about each other, and realize the advanced integration of business and technology and the common development; meanwhile, the complementary combination of technology and financial business is the best cooperation model for Tianfu Technological Information and Tianfu Financial Leasing. Tianfu Technological Information has learnt a lot of financial knowledge and experience from the business of Tianfu Financial Leasing, and now are able to think about the financial services from the perspective of technologies – “drive the business expansion with technologies”, which is the primary purpose of the cooperation between Tianfu Technological Information and Tianfu Financial Leasing.



As a hi-tech company, Tianfu Technological Information always adheres to the strategic principle of “A Step Ahead with Science and Technology”, continues to provide technological support to Tianfu Financial Leasing and other Tianfu Partners, and boosts the development of financial Leasing business. As a carrier platform of technologies, Tianfu Technological Information takes FinTech as its main development direction, and maintains communication and exchange with Tianfu Financial Leasing and other partners for future cooperation, allowing technical staff to catch up with business development and marketing personnel to know more about technology, by doing so, we can move forward together.

As a conclusion, President Mi Zhenshu extended best wishes to the emerging business of Tianfu Financial Leasing, and indicated that Tianfu Technological Information will fully support Tianfu Financial Leasin in its digitalization, empower financial business with science and technology, and constantly make our contribution through the power of technology.


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