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Date:Jan 17,2020

keep kindness in mind,as water nourish the world
The best group should be “Tianfu”.
In the coming year of rat, striving, fighting,
Tianfu is rewarding.
Time flies. A new year is coming.
At this moment, we gather together.
The 2020 Variety Show “The Night of Tianfu - Benevolence & Benefit”,
co-organized by“Tianfu Finance+Tianfu Management + Tianfu Partner”was successfully completed in Sichuan Grand Theater on January 16.
Elaborate preparation for over 90 days.
15 well-planned programs.
About 500 cast members both on the stage and behind the scene
Worked together and created a feast for both eyes and ears
for more than 1500 guests, representatives and staffs
from the cooperative platforms of Tianfu.

It’s been 2 years since we held 2018 The Night of Tianfu.Besides affection and joy,
we also have an unexpected friend in 2020.
the super cute intelligent robot, Tiantian.
He is also a host today.

Tiantian is not only quick in answer,but also good at dancing and singing.
Technological innovation and intelligent output from Tianfu cooperative platforms
play important roles.
They actually boostthe application of information technologies in SMEs.Bearing in mind the core value of “keep kindness in mind,as water nourish the world”we open a new chapter for Tianfu Group through this variety show.Remain true to original aspiration. We have received primary achievements.
Keep the faith and we will forge ahead.
Tianfu platform, let’s work together and share win-win results.

Highlight of the Variety Show

Tianfu is gentle, moistening things silently.
Tianfu is benevolent, bearing good thoughts and doing good things.
Tianfu is flourishing, full of life and vigor.
Tianfu is harmonious, striving together in good faith.

Thank you, each Tianfuer.
Let’s seize the day and live it to the full.
Let’s welcome a better future of Tianfu cooperative platform together.
Wish you alla happy new year and a promising future in 2020!

2020 Happy New Year


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