Opportunities and Challenges for the Medicine Industry in the Post-epidemic Era

Date:Sep 11,2020

On the afternoon of September 4, 2020, the “Opportunities and Challenges for the Medicine Industry in the Post-epidemic Era: Tianfu Pharmaceutical Academic Forum 2020” was successfully held at Western International Financial Center. The forum was hosted by Tianfu Management (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Tianfu Group”), co-hosted by Sichuan Tianfu Bank Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Tianfu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., and undertaken by the Healthcare and Medical Division of Tianfu Group and the Medical Financial Business Division of Tianfu bank.

Targeted at the pain points of the development of medicine enterprises in the post-epidemic era, and aiming to create a shared learning and discussion platform with Tianfu Partners and help enterprises improve their core competitiveness, Tianfu Group held this academic forum, which was designed to explore the opportunities and challenges in the post-epidemic era for the medicine industry and even the greater health industry, promote the academic development and professional discussion of technological application, and conduct a brainstorm featuring academic and commercial integration.


Chi Cheng, President of Tianfu Group, Huang Yi, President of Sichuan Tianfu Bank, Cao Duo, President of Tianfu Financial Leasing, Li Guangming, General Manager of Tianfu Group Healthcare and Medical Division, and Mao Jun, Deputy Director of Medical Financial Business Division of Sichuan Tianfu Bank, were invited to attend the event, together with 19 Tianfu Partners. Presided by Xie Zhaolin, Senior Medical Consultant of Healthcare and Medical Division of Tianfu Group, this forum officially kicked off at 14:30 .


Huang Yi, President of Tianfu Bank, was invited to deliver the opening remarks at the forum. He said that the outbreak of COVID-19 has cast a shadow over the economy of the world and China. Impacted by the pandemic, the global economy and people’s lifestyle have undergone drastic changes, meanwhile, the epidemic has also brought opportunities and challenges to the healthcare industry. For medicine enterprises, in order to easily deal with this series of changes, adapt to the market, and take the opportunities in the post-epidemic era, it is particularly important to improve their own core competitiveness. The innovative business model of “Tianfu Financial + Tianfu Management + Tianfu Partner” can be conductive for SMEs to improve core competitiveness, operating performance, and business value.


Then, Chi Cheng, President of Tianfu Group, stated in the speech that in the current business environment, from angles of policy support or the growth in demand for residents’ health consumption, the greater health industry has broad market prospects, but there are still  problems for SMEs to improve operation efficiency and gain sustained business growth in this blue ocean. The innovative business model of “Tianfu Financial + Tianfu Management + Tianfu Partner” can provide industrial experience and technical background for the development path of SMEs, and help them succeed in the market.


Theme 1: Development trend of greater health industry

Professor Li Guangming, General Manager and Chief Medical Officer of Healthcare and Medical Division of Tianfu Group, reviewed the influences of the epidemic on economy, our daily life and the domestic health industry from the perspective of a manager in the healthcare industry. He also emphasized in the speech that as one of the focal points of the public, the greater health industry now has a huge market space for development.


Theme 2: Discussing R&D of drugs and possessing core competitiveness

Dr. He Guyu, Chief Medical Officer of Healthcare and Medical Division of Tianfu Group, delivered a keynote speech, in which based on the status quo of China’s large-scale drug market, he mainly analyzed the profile of the current domestic drug industry chain, summarized the R&D characteristics of innovative drugs and generic drugs, and provided new ideas for the development of the medical trade platform.


Theme 3: New medicine marketing, new platform innovation

Mao Mingchuan, President of Lingqian (Shenzhen) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., General Manager of Shanghai Huaxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd, and Senior Medical Consultant of Tianfu Group, discussed how to use the new platform and new technology to break the geographic and even the industrial barriers in the digital age, based on the basic elements of marketing and years of his marketing experience in the medicine industry. Mao also depicted the future development trend of drug marketing, especially concerning the cooperation between Japan-China Medical Communication Center and Japanese medicine enterprises, which generated much interest among the guests.



Lan Jianhua, Chairman of Hemony Pharmaceutical,Dai Rong, Chairman of Zhitong Pharmaceutical


During the roundtable session, Tianfu Group specially invited Mr. Lan Jianhua, Chairman of Hemony Pharmaceutical, Mr. Dai Rong, Chairman of Zhitong Pharmaceutical and Mr. Cai Weiqing, Chief Data Officer of Quanyuantang Pharmacy, to share their experience as representatives of clients of Tianfu Partners. Mr. Lan Jianhua said that the development of enterprises cannot be achieved without a complete strategic planning, Hemony Pharmaceutical have prepared the strategic planning and development path for the next decade, and both their core technologies and implementation steps are covered by complete plans to ensure the sound development of the company; Mr. Dai Rong shared their experience and understanding of corporate compliance based on the long-term development of his company, and introduced the structure and application of emerging medical CSO/CSSP Internet e-commerce platforms; Mr. Cai Weiqing proposed the trend of O2O-based new retail medicine business from such perspectives as current situation of medicine e-commerce, pain points and real opportunities in the industry.


With the support of leaders, experts and Tianfu Partners, this event concluded with a complete success. During the forum, many visionary insights and practical experience in the healthcare industry were put forward, and numerous great ideas and thoughts were brought together to showing the high caliber of elites in this industry. After this event, many practitioners in the industry said that they have gained a lot from this forum, which helps them explore the opportunities and challenges in the medicines industry through communication and sharing during the post-epidemic era, and open up new paths, drivers and perspectives for the enterprise development.As Tianfu Group’s professional business division providing services in the healthcare and medical sector, Tianfu Group Healthcare and Medical Division will further expand the scope of services in the greater health sector in the future, and seek development in such aspects as disease and health management, medical services, medicines and medical equipment, medical and health care. We will also cooperate with Tianfu Partners to explore new mechanisms and modes to integrate medical resources and build a better future for the healthcare sector.

Special thanks to the following guests:

Lan Jianhua, Chairman of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Zhou Li, Director and General Manager of Sichuan Cachet Rongjin Medicine Co., Ltd.

Yan Hong, Executing Director of Chongqing Wanjiayan Pharmacy Chains Co., Ltd.

Yu Miao, CFO of Chengdu Quanyuantang Pharmacy Chains Co., Ltd.

Li Yun, Director and Vice General Manager of Sichuan Zitonggong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Zhang Ming, Chairman and General Manager of Sichuan Dazhong Medicine Co., Ltd.

Dai Jun, Director and General Manager of Sichuan Beierkang Medicine Group Co., Ltd.

Liu Biwu, Chairman of Sichuan Jinren Medicine Co., Ltd.

Dai Rong, Chairman and General Manager of Sichuan Zhitong Medicine Co., Ltd.

Chen Yue, Sales Director of Sichuan Yuanheng Zhongsheng Medicine Co., Ltd.

Tang Yujun, Director of Clinic Business Division of Sichuan Shuzhong Pharmaceutical Group

Zhang Bo, Chairman and General Manager of Sichuan Zhuoyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Wu Shuping, Marketing Director of Sichuan Lvye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Li Chunmei, General Manager of Chengdu Tuochuang Medicine Co., Ltd.

Yan Hong, Chairperson of Sichuan Jinli Medicine Trade Co., Ltd.

Zeng Ling, National Business Manager of Chengdu MOL Biopharma Co., Ltd.

Zhu Nengqiang, Chairman of Sichuan Great Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Zhang Jian, CFO of Tibet AIM Pharm. INC.

Han Zhonghua, Marketing Director of Rx Drug, Tibet Linzhi Yutuo Tibetan Medicine Co., Ltd.And other academic experts and business elites in the medicine industry.


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