[U-Parking Intelligent Parking] In a crowded city, have you registered your car for U-Parking?

Date:Nov 08,2017

Urban crowding has led to difficult driving, and it's often the case when you have to drive your car around for a long time to seek for a parking space. You can't go home!

In recent years, to mitigate the problems of traffic jams and difficult parking, in addition to sharing bycycle and ride-hailing apps, intelligent parking has also come into being.

Tianfu Management (Group) Limited Company has fully performed social responsibility as an international group company, and created an intelligent parking application system, contributing to solving the difficult parking problem. 

Recently, U-Parking intelligent parking application system has successfully realized financing. While offered a fashionable English name, it has a lovely Chinese name: YOUPA!

Sharing economy enables parking space sharing. By using U-parking intelligent parking application, a driver can quickly find a vacant parking space around the destination and make reservation for parking. The application automatically assigns parking spaces according to  vehicle plate number, and makes use of surrounding vacant parking spaces to the maximum extent, thus saving driver cost for waiting for parking space and reducing the source waste of vacant parking spaces.

Drivers can better estimate parking fees as spaces and prices are more standardized. This mode has developed very well in taxi service market.

U-parking application can not only enable users to conveniently find satisfactory parking spaces with fair prices, but also provide drivers other useful information such as nearby dining hall and filling station. It is very "excellent" as meant by "U", making you free from exhaustion, but enjoy parking!

U-Parking will be first put in use in Chengdu and it is believed that other cities will usher in intelligent U-Parking times. Let's looking forward to it!


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