The Fourth Training for New Employees of Tianfu Management (Group) Completed Successfully

Date:Nov 13,2017

The 2.5-day training for new employees of Tianfu Management (Group) was successfully held from November 10 to November 12, 2017. A total of 34 new employees from various departments and business units of the Group gathered to learn knowledge.


Ma Liang, Head of HR Department of the Group, Exchanges Views with Students

  This training was jointly organized by the HR Department of the Group and Walt University. Its contents include modules of Tianfu culture, rules and regulations, team integration, innovation business of various business units of the Group and financial fundamentals. It aims to strengthen new employees' awareness of Tianfu culture and innovation business and help them fit in as soon as possible. The entire training is substantial and compact.


Teachers Explain in Detail

During the 2.5-day training in the way of classroom teaching, discussion and exchanges, students deeply studied Tianfu culture, human resources and financial policies and systems, fully understood the innovation business of various business units of the Group and had a preliminary understanding of banking and financial leasing. Meanwhile, a wealth of learning activities were also arranged during the training period, such as knowledge competitions, cultural discussions, team building, group competitions, and most popular “king” titles, etc. Students participated in these activities actively, gained new knowledge in such a happy learning environment and deepened their friendship.



Students Concentrated on Learning

HR Department and Walt University made a careful preparation for this training, which expanded new employees' understanding of Tianfu culture greatly and opened up their field of vision and knowledge base through pertinent and practical learning modules. The training received positive feedback, and students had great achievements.


Excellent Team - Tianfu Elite Group

We wish everyone a good start in Tianfu, and we are also looking forward that the fresh blood injected into the Group will grow and progress with Tianfu.


Tianfu Family, We are Coming!


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