Tianfu Bank's Chairman Huang Guangwei and Tianfu Management's President Chi Cheng Invited to Give a Lecture for MBA Delegation from the USC Marshall School of Business

Date:Dec 13,2017

In the morning on October 9, a wonderful speech was presented enthusiastically in Chengdu Western International Finance Square. Mr. Huang Guangwei, Chairman of Tianfu Bank, and Mr. Chi Cheng, President of Tianfu Management were invited to attend the extraordinary sharing session held for the MBA delegation from the USC Marshall School of Business.


Founded in 1880, the University of Southern California is the oldest top private research-oriented university in California and a world-renowned institution of higher learning. It has possessed a large alumni network of "Troy Families", many of whom are political, commercial and professional celebrities.

2.jpg the University of Southern California

As the leader of small and medium banks in China, Tianfu Bank focuses on serving small and medium-sized enterprises. With its professional account manager team, one-stop service platform, sound product system and flexible credit extension mechanism, Tianfu Bank ranked No. 483 among the world’s top 1,000 banks by the Banker magazine of UK in 2017 after 10-odd years of development.

Tianfu Management focuses on providing funds and solutions to professionals / management teams for SMEs. At present, its total invested and managed assets have reached nearly CNY 400 billion, and it has served more than 500 enterprises. The company strives to enhance customers' market competitiveness, business performance and business value across the fields of finance, real estate, modern service, health care, energy mining, information technology, agriculture, trade and investment.


As an important part during the trip of MBA delegation from the USC Marshall School of Business, this keynote speech is aimed to help MBA students from the USC Marshall School of Business learn about Tianfu's special business development model and the vast potential of China's economic development to further promote Sino-US cultural exchanges. The visit of Marshall School of Business will certainly leave an indelible mark on the exchanges and cooperation between Tianfu Group and the University of Southern California.

Unique Strategic Cooperation Mode for New Innovation-Driven Business to Promote the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

  As an important part of China's economic development, small and medium-sized enterprises may encounter insufficient funds, management and technology during the initial stage of their establishment generally. Therefore, to support the implementation of the national strategy, Tianfu Bank and Tianfu Management will provide support for the sustainable development of small and medium-sized enterprises from financial innovation, wisdom export and resource sharing to enhance their core competitiveness.

  Tianfu Bank's chairman Huang Guangwei and Tianfu Management's president Chi Cheng expanded on how to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by the innovation-driven business strategy and cooperation mode with Tianfu's unique characteristics respectively from the "trinity” perspective of finance & management & partners and Tianfu Management's perspective of “innovation service, resource integration, wisdom export and management output”.



Tianfu Bank's Chairman Mr. Huang Guangwei Made a Presentation


Tianfu Management's President Mr. Chi Cheng Gave a Theme Speech


MBA Students from the Marshall Business School Listened Attentively

  The whole event is full of students' enthusiasm, frequent interaction and strong response, achieving a complete success.



MBA Students from the Marshall Business School Interact Frequently


Have a Group Photo Taken with MBA Delegation from the USC Marshall School of Business


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