Tianfu Group Gave a Like for Great Job, My Motherland

Date:Mar 19,2018
On March 2, Movie Great Job, My Motherland, a coproduction of CCTV and China Film Co., Ltd, was released in cinemas nationwide. This movie demonstrated the historic achievements of China in reform, and opening up and socialist modernization work in the past five years and became a hot topic in WeChat Moments immediately after release. 
Recently, Tianfu Management (Group) organized its staffs to watch the film and witness the power of China It aroused a heated sensation among the staffs who expressed their like to for the motherland. 


Signatures of China - Go with the Time
The continuous innovation and breakthroughs of various cutting-edge technologies, including Chinese roads, Chinese bridges, Chinese cars, Chinese ports, Chinese networks have demonstrated the rising power of China and the increasing possibility of achieving Chinese Dream. With the development of West China, the revitalization of Northeast China, the rise of Central China and the leadership of East China in the modernization drive, different regions of China have realized balanced development. The developed regions are driving the development of the underdeveloped ones for the goal of common wealth. "Nation" and "family" are closely related as family is the smallest unit of a nation and a nation comprises numerous families. 


All our staffs were deeply carried away by the ups and downs of the film plot. Other than the visionary stories, images and changes of China, the movie also touched the viewers with its emotional narration. 


Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind
After watching the film, all staffs felt excited and proud, with myriads of thoughts welling up their minds. "Great Job, My Motherland!" I feel so proud of my motherland because science and technology is the base of the prosperity of a country and its people. This is the right era for us and we are the constructors of the new era. Let's roll up our sleeves and devote ourselves to the construction in this new era by securing our seat. 
The new era is an era for the fighters! Tianfu Group will actively practice the concept of new era, new thoughts and new missions of the 19th CPC National Congress, give full rein to its advantages in finance, investment, technology, resource and management, continuously support SMEs to enhance their core competitiveness, business performance and commercial value, promote their development and realize win-win partnership. Tianfu is committed to making its due contributions to the development of a well-off Chinese society, attainment of a great victory in the drive for socialism with Chinese characteristics, realization of the Chinese Dream of the Rejuvenation of China and improvement of people's living standards. 

We will cherish our hope and original aspiration and work ahead with great perseverance. 


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