Tianfu Tea Online Took Debut at the Spring Tea Fair

Date:Mar 09,2018
In order to facilitate integration into the "Belt & Road Initiative", actively respond to the "Leshan Practice" that merges tea and tourism and assist in the restructuring of tea marketing, Tianfu e-Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, as a subsidiary of Tianfu Management (Group), relied on the strong background of Tianfu Group and utilized the full support from Tianfu Bank, Tianfu Financial Leasing, Tianfu Fund and other financial institutions to establish Tianfu Tea Online, the Internet-based financial service and e-Commerce platform of tea transactions. 

On March 28, the third session of Emei Mountain Spring Tea Fair that had the theme of "Fragrant Emei Mountain Tea for All Tea Lovers" was unveiled at the Great Southwestern Tea Market of Emeishan City. Representatives of Tianfu Group, Tianfu e-Commerce and Tianfu Bank attended the fair as special guests. The fair attracted over 300 participants, including tea experts and representatives of tea makers and dealers from all over China, who discussed on cooperation and development.


Yin Liguo, Assistant Director of Tianfu Bank, Delivered a Speech
At the opening ceremony of Emei Mountain Spring Tea Fair, Tianfu Tea Online signed a contract with the first merchant, i.e. Bangshangyouming Tea Co., Ltd, and invited He Jianhua, chairman of Bangshangyouming, as its special expert and consultant. 

He Jianhua, Chairman of Bangshangyouming, and Mr. Yin Liguo, Assistant Director of Tianfu Bank, Signed the Contract

Xu Tianmin (left), GM of Trade Division of Tianfu Group, Mr. He Jianhua (middle) and Mr. Yin Liguo (right), Assistant Director of Tianfu Bank, in a Group Photo
Tianfu Tea Online is expected to become the industrial portal of Sichuan's tea market, promote the development of e-Commerce of tea products and establish a fair, square, open and efficient trading environment. It offers trading, information, quality inspection, warehousing, transportation, insurance, clearing and other third-party agency services and has four major advantages, i.e. safe, cheap, efficient and convenient. 

Tianfu Tea Online organically integrates finance, tea and the Internet and reduces product trading costs and circulation stages and provides financial services and all-around supports through adjustment of interests of manufacturer, transportation company, seller and buyer from the field of circulation.
Tianfu Group will continue to cherish the core value of "good-faith business", adopt the innovative business mode of "Tianfu Finance + Tianfu Management + Tianfu Partner", rely on the rich industrial experiences of its core team and its strong financial background and resort to investment, resource integration, service innovation, management output, HR development and leading IT support with an aim to enhance the customers' core competitiveness, operational performance and commercial value. 
With the strong support from Tianfu Group, Tianfu e-Commerce will have Tianfu Tea Online as a new starting point to gradually break the regional barriers, integrate the advantageous resources of East China and Southwest China, become an organizer of supply chain finance in Southwest China and finally a supply chain management platform with national influence characterized by "online platform + offline IOT technical control + supply chain finance".


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