2019 Hotel Revenue Management Salon

Date:Jul 13,2019

On June 28, 2019, Modern Service Industry Division of Tianfu Management (Group) Co., Ltd. sponsored, and worked together with Sichuan Tianfu Bank and Sichuan Tianfu Financial Leasing to jointly hold “2019 Tianfu Hongque Hotel Revenue Management Salon”, which is designed to actively provide value-added services in professional and technical hotel fields to core corporate customers in hotels and other related business areas as well as hotel managers, in an effort to help them rapidly improve hotel operating performances and strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises. This salon had received positive responses from corporate customers of over 100 hotels in Southwest China, and nearly 200 participants involved in the hotel industry exchange event within the region, discussing together the new trend of hotel development. 


△Li Xiguang, Deputy Director of Modern Service Industry Division of Tianfu Group, delivering a speech 

Focusing on the industry challenges of the intensified homogeneous competition, longer ROI cycle, and weak improvement of business performance up against the hotel customers, Modern Service Industry Division of Tianfu Group has given full play to the superiority of self-owned hotel management platform companies, united Sichuan Tianfu Bank and Sichuan Tianfu Financial Leasing to set up the open service platform, integrated the upstream and downstream industrial resources, professional management technology and brand output, financial service products and other industrial resources, and built the complete integrated hotel service system of whole industrial chain, thereby helping customers to solve industry challenges, improve business performances, expand profit margins, and promote the preservation and appreciation of hotel assets. 

“2019 Tianfu Hongque Hotel Revenue Management Salon” has specially invited Prof. Hu Zhijian, international revenue management expert & founder of Shanghai Hongque Information Technology Co., Ltd., and his team, to share hotel revenue management, the world-leading cutting-edge management technology, with over 100 guests from hotel enterprises present; as a professional management technology in the hotel fine management science, the hotel revenue management is hailed as the “last secret weapon with high technology content in hotel industry”, able to help hotel managers rapidly increase market share and profits, maximize the production capacity and operating incomes by increasing little or no inputs. The successful holding of such a salon has provided hotel customers with high-quality value-added services, so that these customers may take the forefront of the industry. 

Introduction of Prof. Hu Zhijian, Guest Speaker 

Prof. Hu Zhijian, the international revenue management expert & founder of Shanghai Hongque Information Technology Co., Ltd., graduated from Cornell University. He has ever worked for over 20 years in Guangzhou White Swan Hotel, Fok Ying Tung Foundation (FYTF), Pinnacle Entertainment, Accor Group (USA) Branch, Destination Hotels & Resorts, Hongbo International Consulting LLC, etc. successively in China and USA, mainly engaged in hotel operation, investment counseling and revenue management, with rich practical experience. In 2009, he wrote and published Revenue Management: How to Efficiently Maximize Hotel Revenue, the first monograph on revenue management in China, which has been published for nearly 100,000, arising the industry’s attention to revenue management, and become the reference books or textbooks in colleges and/or universities; hence, he has been praised as “China’s evangelist of revenue management”. Meanwhile, he has led elites from China, USA, and Canada to successfully develop HiYield RMS, the state-of-the-art Hueqiao revenue management system, whose subscribers have been up to 2,000 hotels, 1,300 of which are online users, including Hangzhou Kaiyuan Group, MGM Grand Sanya, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Group, Mehood Hotel Group, Xiamen Jianfa Group, Shanghai Shimao Group, Jinmao Group, and Jin Jiang Group, etc. 

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△ Prof. Hu Zhijian, founder of Shanghai Hongque Information Technology & international revenue management expert, sharing the revenue management 


△ Ms. Yan Hong, Senior Lecturer on Revenue Management & Sales Director in West China of Shanghai Hongque Information Technology, discussing with those present 


△ Hotel owners and managers present listening attentively 


△ Hotel owners and managers present actively participating in the discussion and sharing with Guest Speaker 


△ Interactive lucky draw 



△ Enjoying a nice tea break 

After the salon, quite a few hoteliers said they had benefited a lot, so many elites got together and discussed the practical application of revenue management in the hotel operation, and combined their own practical experience, carried out in-depth discussion and analysis on such management issues as too long hotel ROI cycle, revenue increase bottleneck, data fragmentation and failure to form an effective support. Those participants said this salon was full of essences, not only helping them well understand the practical significance of hotel revenue management application, but also further finding new ideas for solving the pain points of the hotel industry. 

Modern Service Industry Division has always adhered to the core corporate value of “Heart with kindness nurtures like Water”, taken “management as core and technology as bond”, devoted to improving the operation and management levels and risk resistance capacities of SMEs, and enhanced their overall competitiveness. As the professional division of Tianfu Group to provide services in modern service areas, Modern Service Industry Division involves such main business areas as hotel, commercial premises, education, information technology, etc., among which hotel is one of its core business segments. 

Modern Service Industry Division is mainly to provide clients with enterprise strategy consulting service, feasibility assessment of project investment, business operation & management consulting, hotel project entrusted management, technical output of hotel brand, hotel project asset management, hotel project valuation, financial consulting and other series of integrated services. Up to now, Modern Service Industry Division has served over 200 enterprises, including over 40 hotel partner brands, the Division or affiliated platform company has successively reached the strategic cooperation with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, deep cooperation with Accor Hotels, and strategic cooperation with other well-known brands at home and abroad; meantime, it has maintained a deep cooperative relationship with Ctrip, an OTA industry giant, and Rezen Hotels Group thereunder, thereby forming a complete integrated hotel service system of whole industrial chain. 


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