The disposal of non-performing asset • Longtan Guanghe Qianya Project in Chengdu

Date:Nov 30,2020


Located at the heart of Longtan Industrial Park in Chengdu, this project consists of two main buildings and a podium building, covering a gross floor area of 65,000 square meters. It was suspended in 2014 due to the capital chain rupture of the owner, involving the repayment of claims and debts of nearly 100 people. After our intervention, we successfully brought in investors to take over the project as a whole by means of debt restructuring. Up to now, the investors have invested a total of RMB 80 million in the project through asset swap and creditor’s rights acquisition during the debt restructuring process, resolving the actual debt of Qianya Project to the tune of RMB 100 million. The investors have currently arranged for relevant industrial institutions to successively settle in the project park.


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