Tianfu Group Trading Division is subordinated to Tianfu Management (Group) Limited Company. It provides services in finance, information, logistics, warehousing, technology, investment, management, and operation for commodity trading companies and clients in the industrial chain.

Relying on the "E-Tianfu" e-business platform, it carries out operation management of enterprise clients in custody form. By structural analysis of industrial chain transaction, the company adopts risk control methods such as fund control, logistics management and information transparency to provide closed-loop supervision over the nodes of trading chain transactions.

It guides and helps enterprises under custody realize the “four-in-one” integration among information, fund, logistics and service flow.

E-Tianfu—A Safe, Efficient Commodity Spot Trading Service Platform

Established on Feb. 19, 2016, with a registered capital of 200 million Yuan, “E-Tianfu”E-Business Platform is dedicated to creating a credit environment for commodity trading and market, realizing commodity trading in e-commerce field, and providing all-around supply chain financial integrated services for spot transactions, industrial chain financial service and big data to participants in commodity trading and industrial chain. Its business scope covers more than ten categories, such as petrochemical industry, coal, iron & steel, nonferrous metals, grain, oil and articles of daily use.

The Goal and Positioning of E-business Platform Development

E-Tianfu development goal:supply chain integrated service

E-Tianfu development positioning:supply chain management platform

E-Tianfu will, based on traditional finance, transfer from fund and resource-driven to service-driven mode, from client management to supply chain management, and from traditional trading economy to big data economy. It will break regional restrictions, integrate advantageous resources in East China and Southwest China, and become an organizer of supply chain finance in Southwest China.

It will finally realize a countrywide influential supply chain platform that integrates "online platform + offline Internet of Things technology management and control + supply chain finance", improving Tianfu Bank’s influence in the bulk commodity trading financial field in China.

Tianfu E-Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Founded on Feb. 19, 2016, with a registered capital of 200 million Yuan, Tianfu E-Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. takes serving real economy and spot trading as the mission, and, by relying on the powerful background of Tianfu Management Group, under the full support of Tianfu Bank and other financial institutions, and adopting advanced Internet technology, has built an Internet-based e-business platform for transaction financial services.

Platform advantages
safety, low cost, high efficiency & facilitation
The Company has four advantages: safety, low cost, high efficiency & facilitation. The platform sets its fund settlement under third-party bank supervision, thus avoiding quantity, quality and loan risks and guaranteeing a high safety; adopts online centralized trading, thus improving trading efficiency and reducing trading cost; completes the financing process while trading, and solves both logistics and fund flows by one key, thereby providing high efficiency services to enterprises; also provides trading big data services to facilitate the financing service for clients by bank and supply chain companies.
Development deployment
Gathering all-sided forces to assist real economy
Presently, Tianfu E-Commerce mainly serves the real sectors and other types of enterprises of the Group and provides them with whole series services such as financing, settlement, transaction, and logistics, etc. With the rapid economic development, the Company will, based on the ”four-in-one” of logistics flow, fund flow, business flow, and information flow, help all sectors of the Group realize Internet-based connection and upgrading and assisting the development of the real economy in an all-around manner.