information technology

Help clients: improve management, solve problems, improve value, grow and leap forward together with clients

As an IT system construction and innovation department directly subordinated to Tianfu Group, the Scientific and Technological Information Division relies on Tianfu Group's fine quality resources, adopts professional system management, collects the requirements of all business divisions, builds IT systems, provides system support, shapes the group's IT brand, and endeavors to realize a positive sustainable development and help build the Group into an intelligent international service company.

The division has introduced domestic and foreign technical talents with rich experience and expertise, provides employees with sustainable development space and opportunities, and encourages them to grow together with the company.

In the future, the Scientific and Technological Information Division will become a professional team with "first-rate products, team, and brand" and core competitiveness of leading industry, and in turn, promote its business, thus forming a virtuous cycle where technology drives industrial development and industry drives technological progress.

Intelligent technology breeds production capacity

Dedicated to providing all-round information system services with high efficiency, performance, stability, and safety to enterprises
Short-term requirement:

Set up exclusive informational management systems in the Group, provide effective technical support, supervision and management consultation for the internal informational construction of the Group, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Customer's Relationship Management (CRM) system, Office Automation (OA) system, financial management system, anti-virus program, medical HIS and LIS systems.

Long-term requirement:
Enable the system to realize office at any time, any place, make grasping of various information and release and receipt of working instructions not regionally restricted, optimize the existing management organizational structure, adjust the management system, increase efficiency-based coordinated OA capacity, intensify decision consistency and finally realize improved decision making efficiency.
Build Distinctive Brands for the Group
We will make innovative research and development by combining high-quality informative resources both at home and abroad and build an independent information software system based on the operating characteristics and market demands of all business divisions of the Group to allow enterprises to achieve effective information supervision and make all ports of the Group form an effective unified output.
We are committed to the development of end products with quick returns, short cycles and easy usages, serving the business office.
We will keep innovating and developing the information software brands with the Group's characteristics according to the market demand; and sell them to the entire market to make them become the benchmark in the information industry.
Combined With the Latest Information in the World, We Will Created a New Cultural Link
We will provide strategic information briefings to all business segments of the Group according to the latest related news in the world, from collecting, summarizing and analyzing information to outputting information to various business divisions. We will provide human resources technical information, excellent team resources and academic and industrial information integration to achieve global resource sharing.
We Will Develop and Sell Financial Software under the "Trinity" Strategic Planning