Enterprise custody management

Providing enterprise custody management and management consultation services for small and medium-sized local state-owned or private enterprises

The company provides enterprise custody management and management consultation services for small and medium-sized local state-owned or private enterprises. As an industrial and business management assisting enterprise, with a high level capability in custody management and management consultation, the company has preliminarily formed the core teams of business sectors, including the core leading teams and key first-line teams with rich operating experience, and recruited many external experts that are proficient in relevant businesses. With a precise business positioning, the company relies on enterprise management, and focuses on custody management pertinent to enterprises in deteriorated operation, lacking recovery means and on the edge of shutdown, or those that can maintain operation temporarily but evidently feel powerless in operation management, whose owners are neither able to manage them by themselves, nor can give up due to system reason or give up their ownership. By establishing a relationship of enterprise custody management or management consultation service, they may get the best cooperation and reorganization with our company.

Enterprise consultation

ASystematic consultation

BIn-depth consultation   

evaluation of equity structure consultation, corporation governance consultation, operation management, HR management, product technology, business mode, management mode, benefiting mode , marketing system, financial management, risk control, brand building, and information construction

Human resource

Dedicated to improving bank management leadership and establishing leadership pipeline

Walt Financial Institute affiliated to Tianfu group has a high-end think tank of leadership development, top experienced expert team, national and international first-rate intelligent support and excellent operation guarantee mechanism. The institute takes an international vision and inspires top thinking, undertaking top banker course project, trans-boundary innovation leadership project, global business investigation, overseas EMBA/MBA seminars, and senior executive forum projects, which is dedicated to improving bank management leadership and establishing leadership pipeline.

Technology service

Tianfu Group provides technological services for SMEs, such as production & manufacturing management system, business management system (MIS +POS), total industry chain tracing system, financial accounting system, E-HR system, WMS system, warehousing management system, planting (raising) industry management system, environment control platform and data collection system

  • planting (raising) industry management system

  • production & manufacturing management system

  • Business management system (MIS +POS)

  • Total industry chain tracing system

  • Financial accounting system

  • E-HR system

  • WMS system

  • warehousing management system

  • Environment control platform

  • Data collection system

Financial service

Relying on and make full use of shareholders' existing resources, resources from cooperated bank and social resources, based on an efficient, coordinated, flexible, high quality and professional service team, perfect product portfolio, concise and efficient business process, our company provides the clients with services for HR management and training capacity improvement, IT system technology services, and other all-round, comprehensive financial service solutions.

  • Financial instrument support

  • E-banking product such as mobile phone banking

  • Investment & financing

  • Financial product development

  • Pre-listing training

  • Assets securitization, etc

Education & training

Provides first-rate intelligent services to Chinese financial industry

Walt Financial Institute, as a professional financial training institution affiliated to Tianfu Group, provides first-rate intelligent services to Chinese financial industry, expertizing in the frontier research of financial industry consultation and training, cultivation of professional financial talents, and construction of banking professional system,. The institute takes "integrating global financial industrial wisdom to drive the development of Chinese banking industry " as mission, setting up four main business training fields, namely "Center for Leadership", "System Construction Center", "Risk Management Center" and "Walt Management Consultation Center", Walt Financial Institute is an important service platform of Tianfu Group for wisdom and management output.