The Mining & Energy Division has three functional departments: the assets management center, the technical service center, and the production management center, equipped with one energy enterprise, one coal-related platform company and one trading platform company.

In addition to managerial personnel, the division is also staffed with a number of trading, legal and investment professionals and mining and hydropower-related technical experts and operation management personnel, which over 20 years of service experience in their respective fields.

The division now provides services to 6 enterprises engaging in the coal mine, hydropower, vanadium-titanium and relevant industrial chains in Sichuan, Guizhou, Shanxi and other provinces, with the service scope covering assets custody management, consultation service and assets disposal.

Shanghai Funan Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Funan Trading Co., Ltd. was established on Jan. 15, 2016 with a registered capital of 20 million Yuan. Its business area covers Panzhihua, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia, etc. As a trading enterprise, the company provides sales service of coal products to entrusted enterprises and utilizes its own industrial resource and fund advantage to provide services for integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains and commodity trading.

Platform advantages
Steady resources, good reputation
Funan Trading has established cooperation in coal sales with large coal mining and production enterprises such as Ancai and Chuanyuan in Panzhihua and Liangjiaqi in Shanxi, and through its own platform, sell their products to domestic well-known coal-consuming enterprises such as Pan Steel and Ninghe Power Plant. It has stable client resource, good industrial reputation, and certain client recognition.
Development deployment
Promote all-win of the whole industrial chain
The company will, based on its advantage of traditional trading, increase the industrial chain integration, connect the upstream and downstream resource advantages, form the total industrial chain ecology of production and marketing, and promote the sound development of entrusting enterprises to form an all-win situation.