medical care

Help clients: improve management, solve problems, improve value, grow and leap forward together with them

Tianfu Group Healthcare and Medical Division is one of eight business divisions of Tianfu Group, which focuses on providing management consulting, financial solutions, and custody operation services to various types of medical institutions in China.

It has formed an all-round professional service system in strategic planning, infrastructure construction, equipment procurement, information construction, medical department building, finance, operation, and management, and provides innovative, practical and economic customized professional consultation and custody management.

Mode innovation, operating capacity improvement

Medical institution management consultation

Medical institution management consultation; medical institution financial solution; medical institution talent and technological output; medical institution custody management

Project positioning and mode design

Project positioning and mode design; input-output feasibility analysis and demonstration; project design guidance and establishment of operation system

Output of Medical institution talents and technologies

Keep a long-term strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign top medical institutions and research institutes, and output leading medical technologies to clients. Undertake total operation management of medical institutions with an excellent operation team richly experienced in practice.

Tianfu Health Management Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tianfu Health Management Co., Ltd. was established in January 2016 with a registered capital of 20 million Yuan, and since establishment, it has participated in the due diligence investigation and evaluation of more than 100 major projects, undertaken over 20 projects with direct cooperation, and provided consultation service to over 60 projects for third parties, involving a total amount of over 2 billion Yuan.

Platform advantages
galaxy of talents, strong power
The Company has introduced a large number of high-end professionals, such as presidents of large public hospitals, doctors of large medical schools, returned overseas post doctors, doctors that have years of experience in large medical institutions, professional managers of medical investment, certified public accountants and lawyers, etc.; and established a long-term steady strategic cooperation with scientific research institutions, medical institutions, production enterprises, medical trading enterprises, financial institutions and large HR platforms.
Development deployment
Pioneering and enterprising, becoming a leader in medical industry
In the future, Shanghai Tianfu Health Management Co., Ltd. will match the Group's overall layout, deeply work in the medical industry, attract relevant high-end talents in scientific research, production, trading, retail and medical terminal to further strengthen its capability in external consultation management and technological output, conduct large investments in all links, form a closed-circuit advantage in medical industry and become a leader in the sector.