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Relying on the group's strong shareholders' industrial background and diversified industrial map, under the company group management, through a mature operation team, Tianfu Group Investment Division gives play to the role of the capital link and resource integration effect and provides high level professional financial investment services. Through years of deep working and professional operation, the team has set up a normal and steady risk control system and an efficient and perfect operation mode.

The division has made investments in clean energy, mining investment, agricultural equity and industrialization, new rural construction, new urbanization construction, infrastructure construction and Internet medical care, designed and operated enterprise merger & reorganization and mixed ownership reform, and realized an accumulative management fund size of over 10 billion Yuan. Up to now, all its management projects have realized timely repayments to the investors.

Development concept

The division devotes itself to implementing the development concept of deep combination of industry and financial capital, connection of both ends, and realization of production-financing combination, provides diversified financing channels, technical and fund support to target enterprises and projects, and promotes the conversion of new technological achievements into productivity so as to bring potential investment opportunities for the group and the industrial investors and realize the industrial deployment and profit growth.

My team

The team members are all graduates from domestic and foreign well-known schools, which have experiences in financial institutions such as domestic policy bank, joint-stock banks, large securities companies and four assets management companies; the core management team members all have working experience in financial industry for over 15 years, and the backbone members have a financial working experience for over 8 years. The team has accumulated wide financial and industrial field resources and successfully established an industrial management foundation.

Primary businesses

Tianfu Group Investment Division provides financial supports such as fund management, equity and debt investment, and assets management, and has formed special investments, mainly including:

  • Adopt various combinations of financial instruments such as equity, creditor's right, and mezzanine financing to form industrial special investment funds, which can realize withdrawal by different ways to gain investments returns.
  • Rely on the group's fund power, make direct investments in fine quality companies and projects, and help them in resource, management, and strategy gain a long-term stable development
  • Adopt business modes of creditor's rights, mezzanine, and equity, and make use of advantage of short-term fund pool to carry out all-round financial market business with various kinds of financial institutions

Tianfu Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Tianfu Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established in May 2017 with a registered capital of CNY500 million. As a private equity fund management company, its main business is to initiate and establish fund investment enterprises and related management companies, providing these enterprises and companies with trusted asset management and related information services. At present, the Company has set up six functional departments including Investment Business Department, Investment Banking Business Department, Institutional Management Department, Risk Compliance Department, Financial Management Department and Integrated Management Department for implementation of the comprehensive fund risk management. Centered on the investors' risk preferences and interests, taking faithful performance of contracts and due diligence as the principles, it provides the whole-process management and multi-dimensional management.

Platform Advantages
Gathering Elites, Growing in Size
The core employees of the Company are mainly from financial institutions involving banks, securities, funds and the four AMCs. With more than 15 years of experience in finance, it has successfully operated industrial investment projects in various fields, including clean energy, mining investment, agricultural equity & agricultural industrialization, new rural construction, new-type urbanization construction, infrastructure construction, internet medical treatment, etc. The cumulative management funds reached more than CNY20 billion and the cumulative withdrawn funds reached CNY15.5 billion.
Development Layout
Closely Keep Up With the Market and Promote Financial Development
Adhering to the philosophy of combination between industry and finance, keeping up with the market trend closely, taking funds as the carrier, credit as the cornerstone and cooperation as the link, the Company will realize the two-way integration of industry and finance and gradually develop into a specialized and high-quality fund management company with great capabilities in value discovery, resource integration and financial investment, aiming to provide steady and long-term returns for the its shareholders and investors.