Making full use of the advantages of superior resources, Tianfu Group Real Estate Division provides quality development and operation solutions to entrusted enterprises to help with their positive, sustainable development by adopting professional and systematic management methods. Focusing on "real estate development, operation and management", and endeavoring to "maximize project values", it rationally works out future development plans based on realistic conditions and strives to realize preservation and increase of custody assets and eventually the maximization of investment values.

  • Its primary business scope covers real estate project consultation, development construction, assets custody, credit consultants, intermediary financial business, and participation in assets reorganization. Meanwhile, it will follow the industry development tendency to explore and develop new businesses and new products of the whole ecological circle of real estate assets management so as to establish a perfect management operation mode focusing on "real estate plus".
  • The division has introduced a large number of professional talents experienced in with brand management experience in property enterprises. Thus a professional management system has been formed covering project positioning, planning and design, engineering construction, cost control, marketing planning and commercial management in the real estate sector.
  • Presently, the Real Estate Division has formed five management centers, namely, marketing management center, cost management center, operation management center, fund management center and integrated management center, which is making continuous expansion in both depth and width to form a real estate service mode with Tianfu characteristics.

Tianfu Zhixin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

Tianfu Zhixin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd was established in Jan. 2017 with a registered capital of CNY 100 million. It is jointly invested by Tianfu Management (Group) Limited Company and Chengdu Zhixin Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. as a platform company for professional investment and investment management in real estate. Tianfu Zhixin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the three business segments of independent development, hosting and supervision of the projects which are not only based on the southwest but also deep into the first-tier cities to form the nationwide strategic development.

Platform Advantages
Trinity, Dedicated to the Market
Tianfu Zhixin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has formed closed financing loops, industrial funds and complete development chains for investment management by adopting the new trinity real estate development model to provide escort for projects. Relying on the resources of the Group, the Company has been dedicated to the market for many years, building nearly 8,000 external cooperation resources including Zhixin Business Alliance, accumulating 900,000 customer resources and serving more than 10 million people in the recreation and industrial operation sectors per year. Moreover, its talent system brings together elites for urban operations related to 11 system capabilities of travel, shopping, industry building, services, internet platform (big data), medical care, tourism, recreation, housing, etc.
Development Layout
Powerful Combination, Leading to Company with a Hundreds of Billions Business scale
As a professional investment and investment management company, drawing on the advantages of Tianfu Management (Group) Limited Company and Chengdu Zhixin Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., under the guidance of the common philosophy and vision, Tianfu Zhixin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. has focused on the market in first-tier cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Chongqing to conduct business actively. In response to the comprehensive marketing of four major business segments of independent project development, project investment and supervision, business or project mergers and acquisitions and investment risk assessment, combined with advantages of two groups in finance, teams, operations and customer resources, it will build a hundreds of billions business scale to inject vitality into the market.