Core Concept

Heart with kindness nurtures like Water

Tianfu Management (Group) Limited Company. presents its self-value appeal with a featured brand image. The corporate logo is composed of a panda figure and "Tianfu Group" in both Chinese and English characters in black, white, and golden yellow colors, integrating the lovely panda with watery splashes to interpret the core value of "Heart with kindness nurtures like Water".

"Heart with kindness" means we should adhere to our position, make continuous innovation and achieve harmony and win-win;

“nurtures like Water” means we should base on our cause, make all efforts and achieve joint growth.

Development Concept

Taking internationalization as the goal of development

Taking sustainability as the rule of development

Taking intelligence as the feature of development

Talent Concept

Attaching Importance to Talents Talents are the capital of an enterprise and the most precious wealth. Tianfu Group relies on talents to realize its goal of becoming an intelligent company. Using talents only and selecting talents by comparison have become its employing standards.

Assigning Talents with Important Posts Education background of personnel is one side and ability is the other side. As long as you can display your own advantages, exhibit your individual value, and create value for the company, you will be assigned with important tasks to fully display your talents.

Promoting Talents The Company implements a people-oriented scientific management, respects people's value, and advocates that employees should combine their present work status, their future planning and the company's development goal to form "three-in-one" and achieve a mutual development with the Company.

Management Concept
People-oriented, scientific management