Tianfu Group Agriculture Division endeavors to build itself into an integrated service provider of agriculture chain

takes the output of wisdom, knowledge, experience, technology, and talents as the core, adopts a light assets operation service mode centering on custody management services, and carries out HR management and service focusing on output of talents and management.

The Agriculture Division cultivates core enterprises of industrial chain based on the platform, relies on HR service, technological custody service, financial management and financial supervision service, brand operation service, marketing and development service, and financial products such as mobile phone banking to provide valid clients with human resource, management services, various kinds of financing instruments, and financial products such as mobile phone banking needing only "one hand".

In the total agricultural supply chain, only by the realization of final sales and fund return of agricultural products can the total production and operation process be completed, where the agricultural product sales platform is the core link. The closed-loop operation management can be realized by integrating or constructing the sales terminals for agricultural products, establishing ERP and financial management systems and adopting technology-powered custody.

Based on Sichuan praised as the "Land of Abundance", the Agriculture Division provides financial, consultation, product and marketing services to countrywide and worldwide valid clients by resource integration, channel dredging and platform construction, and the total asset of agricultural enterprises under custody service has reached 5 billion Yuan. It aims to become a well-known brand of custody services in agricultural sector within three years in the west part of China, attracting 50 agricultural enterprises under custody service that have a total asset of 50 billion Yuan under custody; and a well-known national brand within five years, attracting 100 agricultural enterprises under custody service that have a total asset of 100 billion Yuan under custody.

Tianfu Management Group Agriculture Division has set up a platform company—Jinyingu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the Division's consultation and integrated service output.

Custody management
Overall operation right, brand building, base management, technical service, marketing service, capital market, equity custody, credit's right custody, assets custody, HR training, certification system, share reform, special fund, IPR
Consultation service
A、Systematic consultation;
B、In-depth consultation (evaluation of equity structure consultation, corporation governance consultation, operation management, HR management, product technology, business model, management mode, benefiting mode , marketing system, financial management, risk control, brand building, and information construction)
Technology service
Planting (raising) industry management system, production & manufacturing management system, business management system (MIS+POS), total industry chain tracing system, financial accounting system, E-HR system, WMS system, warehousing management system, environment control platform, data acquisition system
Financial service
Financial instrument support, e-banking product such as mobile phone banking, investment & financing, financial product development, pre-listing tutoring, assets securitization, and so on